March is “Unsubscribe Month”

Don’t Hold Back…let loose on your E-mail Here are an organizers stats: currently have 33 e-mails in “inbox” – all are open 16 of those are “starred” I have 9 folders created for my specific needs I have a full, balanced life of work and fun. I do not miss appointments and I have not been accused of not giving a prompt answer to anyone. How … Continue reading March is “Unsubscribe Month”


I was asked; “if I called on you for your services, where would you start?” Very good question; we would start together!  Consider me the motivator, supporter and gal with an idea or two.  We would start by talking- well me asking questions and you sharing your frustrations that the disorganization has caused and your goals… how do you want the space to look; how … Continue reading WHERE DO WE START?

3 Organizing Tips for Small Business

You own a small business here in the Triangle. And staying organized is not easy when you’re in charge of, well, everything. Small business owners across North Carolina and beyond have to-do lists on top of more to-do lists and no time to think about filing, sorting, or even finding your desk underneath all that stuff. As an owner, you know you want to get … Continue reading 3 Organizing Tips for Small Business

Ducks in a Row: The Annual Back-to-School Checklist!

Here in Apex and across Wake County, students have all headed back to school and that means disorder in the house! Mornings turn into a big rush as everyone tries to find clothes, eat a quick breakfast, get lunch ready and find school stuff before running out the door. Settling into a new daily routine can take a few weeks. But there is a secret … Continue reading Ducks in a Row: The Annual Back-to-School Checklist!