3 Organizing Tips for Small Business

You own a small business here in the Triangle. And staying organized is not easy when you’re in charge of, well, everything. Small business owners across North Carolina and beyond have to-do lists on top of more to-do lists and no time to think about filing, sorting, or even finding your desk underneath all that stuff.
As an owner, you know you want to get more organized so you can perform better and be more profitable. Making a living is a good thing. Time is critical. Here are a few tips to make things a little easier.

Close your eyes: The very idea of organizing your normal massive amount of data or information is often overwhelming. It can be tough just to begin. Don’t stand back and look at the big picture. Instead, close your eyes and think: what is the most important thing to organize first right now? What area is bothering you, or which area do you need to access and hunt to find something? Start there and ignore the rest for the moment.
Organize in small bits: We often wish we had time to spend four hours in a row reorganizing the entire office. But unless you want to give up your weekend or cut deeply into your normal seven day work week, that’s probably not an option. One strategy is to set a timer for 15 minutes. It might be most helpful to do this at the end of your workday. During that time, focus on ONE organizing task. Your goal might be to clear the right corner of your desk, or you might strive to delete 10 emails from your inbox. Consider making it a game, racing the timer to see how much you can get done before it pings.
Delegate: Small business owners want to make sure they know what’s going on. That’s a good thing. But you really can’t do it all. Are there some tasks you can delegate to someone? For example, simpler tasks such as sending messages, making appointments and filing can be managed by a temporary worker or part-time assistant. Although you will have to pay this person, you get sanity and a more organized office in return.

Sometimes, it feels as though you have tried everything, and yet you are still struggling. In that case, consider hiring a professional organizer. Organized Chaos can help you create systems for your stuff so that it’s easier to find and easier to put away for next time.


This blog post on small business organization is brought to you by Organized Chaos LLC of Apex, NC as is intended to be informative and focused for those who have some degree of organizational disarray; we work to eliminate stress, bring harmony and balance into your life, and organize your space.

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